BLACKBIRD PeerCon 2019 Panel Discussion

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Sunday, October 27, 2019 - 2:00pm
Event Time: 
$15 Advance

BLACKBIRD PeerCon: Promoting social and cultural change in the peer workforce through community dialogues with peers.

BLACKBIRD Peer Support Services will be hosting a discussion panel with Oregon community providers at BLACKBIRD PeerCon 2019. Through dialogue we hope to advance social and cultural agendas that promote meaningful change on a community level. Our mission is to challenge the maladaptive practices providers face within the normative, mainstream health industry. Discussions will be focused on promoting provider resiliency, community restoration and professional fidelity. 

All are welcome. We look forward to you joining us. 

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Tickets $15.00. 


Panel Participants:


Britni D’Eliso, she/her/hers


A true advocate, Britni D’Eliso is the embodiment of community-oriented action. Her passion for systematic change and growth is eminent in her work as a Mental Health Care Coordinator where she recently was the recipient of the Laurel Hill Center Community Partner Award of 2018. In her work, Britni seeks to utilize her personal experience as a bridge between herself and those who need a safe place to share their stories. Hanging in her office is a sign that reads “be the change” which she authentically lives out in all areas of her life. 


Tony Vezina, he/him/his 


Tony Vezina is a person in long-term recovery from substances. Since finding stable recovery in 2012, he has helped transform Portland Community College to be a more inclusive and responsive to student needs during his three years in student government where he started a recovery club and later became Student Body President. He also co-founded and is the current Director of 4D Recovery, a peer-run recovery community organization for young people in recovery that provides a variety of peer-based recovery support services. Tony is also very active in community organizing and advocacy for those who have substance use and mental health issues. He has co-founded Oregon's first Recovery High School and statewide recovery advocacy organization, Oregon Recovers, which he is the current steering committee co-chair. He is also helping to lead Oregon's "utilization, on-boarding, and integration" or peer-delivered services. He believes that peers have the power to transform the behavioral health system when they are given the tools to adhere to the peer model. 


Lydia Black, they/them/theirs


Lydia’s work as a certified Peer Support Specialist is focused on promoting social and cultural change in the workplace. They are an advocate in the peer workforce for fellow peers. As the CEO of BLACKBIRD Peer Support Services, Lydia focuses their efforts on supporting a healthier peer workforce that experiences less turnover, burnout, and overall harm. Lydia’s goal is to see the Peer Support Specialist workforce not only survive, but thrive so that we can collectively promote meaningful change.


Leisha Price, she/her/hers.


Currently, Leisha Price works in a wellness center that offers integrated mental health services. Leisha specializes in trauma informed care. She is often invited to provide trainings on trauma, grief and loss by various agencies and community partners. Her work as a Licensed Professional Counselor is further informed by her certification in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which she integrates into all areas of her practice. Through her trainings and her commitment to improving the health of the general workforce, Leisha has broadened the reach of trauma informed practices and begun a wave of change.


LaKeesha Dumas, she/her/hers


LaKeesha was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She is certified by the state of Oregon as both a Community Health Worker and a Peer Support Specialist (PSS). The PSS designation adds another layer to the way her community embraces her as she shares her lived experience with community members, allowing for increased trust in their relationships. She was recently nominated for the 2014 Genius Award by the Oregon Public Health Institute. LaKeesha is one of the Chairs of the Traditional Health Workers Commission and has been influential in policy decisions relating to the field of traditional health workers. From the streets to policy, she is passionate about the health of her community.

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