Eugene LIVE! – Novacane, Fashion Jackson, Laundry, Spiller

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Friday, February 28, 2020 - 8:30pm
Event Time: 
$8 Advance, $8 Day of Show

By Malena Saadeh

On Friday, February 28, the Community Center for the Performing Arts, Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering, McKenzie Brewing and University of Oregon Campus Radio 88.1 FM KWVA  proudly host Eugene LIVE! featuring Novacane, Fashion Jackson, Laundry and Spiller.



No strangers to the local scene, Novacane has been together cultivating their psychedelic pop sound since the spring of 2013.  This three piece powerhouse began their journey with humble beginnings at their middle school talent show and have been honing their craft ever since.  Hailing from Eugene, this trio is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Dylan Latimer, bassist Oliver Lester and drummer Zach Clifton.

Novacane looks to 60’s and 70’s rock aesthetics to set a foundation for their stage presence and style while still adding modern flair to their pieces. Three-piece bands leave ample space for instrumentation and vocals -- which may be intimidating, but Novacanes’s dense yet floaty sound fills the space in an eloquent way. Reminiscent of strong trios rooted in psychedelic rock, such as the late, great, Cream, Novacane achieves a whole new level of professionalism with the well thought out transitions within their songs. In their live performances, this trio has no trouble filling their space with thick-textured sounds stimulating their audiences time and time again.

Although it is hard to tie this band down under one genre, they have a breezy element that bleeds through into their work specifically on 2019 album Comfort Food, creating a niche sound under the blanket of psychedelic pop.



Coming all the way from San Diego, California, Fashion Jackson takes their strong base of surf rock and blends it with shoegaze and R&B elements to achieve a distinct sound.  As a Southern California native, I am quite partial to a surf rock inspired sound and I love the risks Fashion Jackson takes to blur the lines of genre by including elements from all across the spectrum in their work.

This band -- which has been together since 2016 -- consists of Jake Nuffer and Eddy Allen both on guitar and vocals, Sterling Gietzen playing bass, and Sean Gardner on the drums.

Fashion Jackson’s use of obscure backing tracks in many of their songs adds distinct layers and textures to their sound.  Not only do they bring an aura of confident stage presence to their live performances, but the technical ability displayed in their work is plain to see; they are all talented musicians.

Fashion Jackson’s sound has evolved drastically over the years since their first EP Gossamer in 2017 as compared to their latest work Gossamer 2 in 2019.  Their musical growth however does not stifle their initial creative pursuit, it only enhances their range of appeal to listeners with various tastes.



Combining aspects of funk, dream-pop and psychedelic rock to produce an unconventional sound, Laundry keeps listeners on their toes with the vast range of styles they explore throughout their discography.  Consisting of Kiki Paroissien and Riley Somers both on guitar and vocals, Cal Fenner on bass and vocals, and Nik Barber on the drums, this band has been making music together since 2017.

With three vocalists, each bringing with them different lyrical and vocal elements, Laundry’s albums showcase a wide variety of styles and signatures.  The versatility of the guitarists Paroissien and Somers -- who can swap lead effortlessly -- gives Laundry a professional edge.

The process of deciding on who plays leads and rhythms when there is no traditional title can be a challenge.  Guitarist/vocalist Somers states, “For us it's always been a tradeoff.  We both have really unique styles so neither of us really wants to play one denomination all of the time.”  

Somers goes on to mention that, “We [himself and Paroissien] try to weave our guitar harmonies back and forth within each other, and I think that makes things more interesting than the traditional one consistent lead player and one consistent rhythm player approach.”

Laundry’s individualistic take on guitar techniques, as well as the unique dynamic of bassist Fenner doing vocals, gives the band elements that set them apart from their peers.  In their live performances, Laundry delivers an energetic and compelling show while bringing a very engaging presence to the stage with the jam elements they touch on in certain songs. The band’s already clean sound has only gotten tighter and more cultivated since their first album The Quandary (2018) as they transitioned from a funk based sound to a sound with more elements of pop -- as seen in their latest album Affirmation.

“We've been super lucky to find each other,” Somers says when asked about finding other musicians who share his vision musically.  “I think a lot of people struggle with finding bandmates they resonate with.  Despite our different tastes in music we've found common ground with a balance of simplicity and creativity.”



Jazz- based rock band Spiller has been creating music in a particularly inspired way since 2015.  Guitarists and vocalists Luke Broadbent and Sam Mendoza, drummer Justin Kiatvongcharoen, and bassist Aiden D’Angelo have coined their sound under the self-titled genre of “Plant Rock”.  

Regarding their unique genre-labeling, Spiller states, “ Our love for foliage stems from our house plant Jeffrey.  ‘Plant Rock’ came as a sideways comment from a professor after seeing a show flyer with Jeffrey on it, and since then we’ve heartily embraced the term.”

Spiller’s roots in a jazz based style is what sets them apart from other locals and makes for a very unique listening experience. Improvisation is a huge element of this band’s performance aesthetic -- which makes for electrifying live shows that keep audiences engaged from start to finish.

The band interacts with their audience by never performing a song the same way twice, in fact, they are so in tune with their improvisational style that they have no need for set lists.   They just feed off the energy in the room to lead their show.

Spiller’s ability to change directions mid-song while still holding true to their theme throughout, showcased particularly in their song “Midwest” off of their 2017 album Reuben/Cold Cut, is a nod to the technical skill of each member in the band.  This band’s versatility can be seen in their 2019 funk inspired single “Potter Street”, with their skillful incorporation of tenor saxophone, organ and trumpet.

When asked where the inspiration to take this instrumental approach came from, Spiller replied by stating, “It seemed fitting to add those horn/key layers with the help of our talented friends.  We had a blast doing that for the end of “Happy to Be Here” on our Plant House EP, and it made sense to try it again.”

Spiller’s strong technical elements are key in setting a solid foundation for the originality that they are known for, allowing them to play with textures and tones from all across the spectrum while still keeping it neat and refined.

Thanks to this year’s sponsors – Sprout City Studios and Liquid Mastering – the winner of this year’s final gets a free recording and and mastering package from Thaddeus Moore and the crew.


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Also, mastering should help all material achieve a more consistent playback on any system.

In layman’s terms, mastering is like sanding and polishing up a woodworking project. Without it, the overall appearance/functionality might be pretty good. But a closer look reveals all of the imperfect — hidden and obvious — rough edges. Mastering goes in and smoothes out all of the “splinters” like leveling volume or tweaking tonal problems in a recording. Nobody wants a splinter in the ear.

And just like carpentry, mastering requires an artisan. Mixes should be gently massaged by a qualified and seasoned engineer. Someone with an uncanny ear for universal tones and super nerdy technical chops to make you sound the way you’ve always wanted to…

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The CCPA is looking forward to collaborating with more local businesses, local musicians, and the performing arts community to bring people together to support our community.  Please come and support Eugene LIVE!  It’s going to be a great time and very affordable.  Ticket prices for each event are $8 advance or day of show.  Doors open at 8:00 pm and showtime is 8:30. Tell your friends!