WOW Hall Board of Directors Meeting

September 20, 2018 - 6:30pm

CCPA/WOW Hall Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

September 20, 2018 @  6:30 at Grower’s Market


  1. Meeting called to Order


  1. Schedule of Next BOD Meeting


  1. Review of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes


  1. Public Input:


  1. General Business

     a. Cafe WOW

     b. WOW Hall organization

     c. Pricing of hard drive for office computers

     d. Record keeping materials stored in basement

     e. Vote on removing/adding signers to bank account (Columbia Bank will want BOD meeting minutes to alter)

     f. Task management service

     g. Lifetime membership for Zeb

     h. Filling board vacancies 


  1. Committee Reports

a. Fundraising/Education/Finance Committee (Aaron Dietrich)

  • Financial Report (Melissa)
  • Schedule Next Meeting


b. Personnel Committee (Hannah Finley)

  • General Report
  • Schedule Next Meeting


c. Programming Committee

  • General Report
  • Schedule Next Meeting


  1. Facilities Committeee (Aaron Dietrich)
  • General Report
  • Schedule Next Meeting


VII. Meeting Adjourned


Free and open to the public