WOW Hall Membership Party: Dan Mahoney, Gumbo Groove Duo, The Muddy Souls, Cap'n Trips plays Bob Dylan

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Saturday, December 14, 2019 - 7:00pm
Event Time: 
Free for WOW Hall Members

By Bob Fennessy, CCPA Membership Coordinator

On Saturday, December 14, the Community Center for the Performing Arts celebrates its 44nd Anniversary at the WOW Hall Membership Party, featuring entertainment by Dan Mahoney, Gumbo Groove Duo, The Muddy Souls and Cap’n Trips Plays Bob Dylan.  A buffet dinner will feature food and beverages prepared by some of Lane County’s best restaurants and suppliers!

Let me introduce you to our performers:



Dan Mahoney is a guitarist from Eugene Oregon, specializing in Gypsy and Latin jazz.  He is a graduate from the University of Oregon School of Jazz Studies, an accomplished classical guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and music educator.  You may know him from his work with psychedelic rock and funk bands such Bazil Rathbone, Basin & Range and Goldfoot.  For the past two years he has been developing a new sound and approach focused on acoustic guitar and improvisation.  Aside from his solo guitar performances, you can see him playing alongside his new jazz projects, Tug and the Heart Strings and The Whiteaker Hot Club.

This summer Dan joined the teachers’ corps of the WOW Hall’s Music’s Edge Summer Rock Camps.  "Aside from performing, I've always had a passion for teaching, whether it be a one on one lesson or coaching bands,” says Dan.  “Music's Edge Rock Camp is a very exciting opportunity to pass on not just musical knowledge, but important lessons on how beneficial musical relationships with others are."


            GUMBO GROOVE DUO

            Gumbo Groove, playing as a duo at the WOW Hall's Membership Party, is an adventure in genre bending.  “We call it Folk-Fueled Fungrass, played on traditional acoustic instruments,” declares the band.  Snatches of David Grisman-like riffs give way to New Orleans second line simmers, while shades of The Grateful Dead can be heard wending amongst the chordal carousings.  Always friendly, always fun, Gumbo Groove is a musical incident looking for a place to happen. 

            Band members are:

            Frank Sprouse -- guitarist, enjoys playing out over multi-textured grooves, and writes and arranges the band's mostly original music. His influences include Dave Matthews, Monte Montgomery, Steve Kimock, with a nod to Jerry Garcia, and his dexterous acoustic playing takes Gumbo Groove to unique places. His riffs and rhythms fuel GG's Fungrass.

            Steve Mosher -- acoustic bass, builds his own instruments and speakers, all amazing to behold, and he's just as comfortable playing four strings as six or eight. With a long history of band membership from jazz to rock w/ all stops in between, he provides a solid and complex foundation for the musical explorations of Gumbo Groove. His musical vocabulary is deep, and his influences range far and wide, from Phil Lesh to Stanley Clarke.


            THE MUDDY SOULS

            Acoustic American roots music from Eugene, The Muddy Souls are Jacob John (guitar), Austen Slone (mandolin), Julianna Meares (double bass) and Pete Romanelli (guitar).

The Muddy Souls were born in the desert and raised in a lion's den.  They took their time traveling a long and winding road to their current home in Eugene.  Along the way they picked up some songs by Django Reinhardt, David Grisman, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Radiohead as well as writing some of the best originals West of the Mississippi.  Their concerts are an acoustic blend of folk, bluegrass, country and chaos sure to get you stompin' your feet and grinnin' your teeth.

This year The Muddy Souls participated in the WOW Hall’s Eugene LIVE! Northwest Showcase series and, out of 26 acts, they were the winners!  Currently the band is enjoying their winnings -- recording their second album at Ninkasi Studios, with their fearless leader James Book at the controls... stay tuned for album release party details!



Cap'n Trips have been playing together for eleven years now.  They are Eugene's first band to pay tribute to the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. "Trips" has played the OCF Community Village, the Country Fair related Spring Fling and Teddy Bear Picnic, as well as venues throughout Oregon. 

Cap'n Trips plays Bob Dylan was formed two years ago to pay tribute to the early music of Dylan.  Their sets mainly focus on the period Bob first went electric; "Trips" draws heavily from the albums Bringing it all Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde.  The band gave a high-energy performance at the Oregon Country Fair Community Village stage this year.  The crowd loved it and people asked for more, so here it is.

Meet the band:

Tom Lemmon (lead vocals, guitars, harmonica) and Marcy Andrews (mandolin) play in the bands Cap'n Trips, Hot Tuna Tribute Band and The Tributaries.  Ken Sokolov (drums) has played in The Klezmonauts, Beat Crunchers and The Crawdads of Pure Love, among many others.  Trey Longstreth (bass & back up vocals) has played in The Surfonics, Tourheads Caravan and Ras Gabriel’s 4/word Band.  Sean Jackson (keyboards & back up vocals) plays in many other projects including Token Rhymes, Level Vibes and Major Lingo.

“Come gather 'round people, wherever you roam…



Enjoy local music at the WOW Hall Membership Party, and bring an appetite.  Last year eighty-five area restaurants and other businesses agreed to contribute prepared food, beverages and other items for a buffet-style dinner.  This year we hope to see a similar number of restaurants participating.  New dishes are presented throughout the event, so you don’t need to come early to get a great meal. 

            The basement will also be offering an assortment of nibbles as well as some special deals on adult beverages that have been donated for the occasion.

            The Community Center for the Performing Arts was incorporated to save the Woodmen of the World Hall from demolition and keep it available to the community.  On December 10, 1975, the WOWATHON began with live entertainment 24 hours a day for five days in order to raise a down payment.  Today, the Hall remains community-owned and democratically operated.  The organization enjoys a broad base of community support, as demonstrated by the members list published in this issue. 

            Each year around this time the Membership Party serves to thank the supporters of the CCPA, a nonprofit (501c3) arts organization.  Admission to the Membership Party is free for members (members note: If your mailing label reads “This is your party ticket” your membership is current; you don’t need the label to get in but it makes it faster).  Memberships are available at the door for $15 to $40 or more (members are encouraged to bring guests at a cost of $12 for adults, $6 for ages 6-11; five and under free). 

Doors open at 7:00 pm, Dan Mahoney at 7:20, Gumbo Groove Duo at 8:00, The Muddy Souls at 8:40 and Cap’n Trips Plays Bob Dylan at 9:30. Expect a few welcoming words from CCPA Board Chair Robyn Kelly, and at some point I’m going to thank all of the party donors and ask your help in putting away some tables and chairs so we have a dance floor.

If you are interested in donating a prepared food dish or beverage, or a gift certificate, please contact Bob at 541-687-2746 or  It’s an excellent way to support the WOW Hall, earn the recognition and gratitude of community members and get potential new customers to sample your products.  Gift certificates are also used by the WOW Hall throughout the year as door prizes at big shows.

If you would like to become a supporting member of the WOW Hall or check your membership status, please call the office at 541-687-2746.  Memberships are on a sliding scale, $15 to $40 a year (or more).  In addition to free admission to the party, members elect and may serve on the Board of Directors and receive the WOW Hall Notes by mail or email.