Latest Updates on Advocacy for Oregon Venues

Dear Supporters of the WOW Hall

Venues in Oregon need your help - please write the Emergency Board and ask them to support our request for relief from the state of Oregon. We can't reopen yet, and we don't know exactly when we'll be able to, but TO GET THROUGH THIS, WE NEED YOUR HELP:

Won't you please write a letter in which you tell the Emergency Board:

Independent venues, both for-profit and nonprofit, are essential to Oregon. People move here because of them. The economy thrives because of them. Culture and Community have a home in them. 

I ask you to please support allocation of Coronavirus Relief Funds to help venues survive this extended closure.

There are eighty dedicated venues, with thousands of jobs in Oregon that are counting on this to save their livelihoods and to make sure they continue to thrive and contribute to the overall economy and tourism in Oregon. Without your support, at least 90% of venues will not survive, and there will be a massive void left in the morale and economy.

There is no plan to reopen venues, which will be experiencing zero revenue; it will likely be over a year. No business can survive that type of closure without relief. Thank you for leadership and advocacy.

Send this email to the Emergency Board: (address as "President Courtney") (address as "Speaker Kotek") (she has two last names)

The "Life Support for Venues" proposal went to a special legislative work group, was given a very positive recommendation, and is now on its way to the Emergency Board. The EB meeting is still being scheduled, there is rumor of it possibly being this Friday or next Tuesday. 

In any case, PLEASE keep sending LOTS OF LETTERS OF SUPPORT.  EMAIL really works; it has gotten us this far.  Without lobbyists or big cash, this outreach is our ONLY TOOL - we have to use it. 

Our efforts have been endorsed by letters from:

Travel Oregon

Musician's Union

Beneficial Bank

Willamette Week




and many others. 


The WOW Hall is temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19 & gathering ban.  Stay safe and well.  

You can donate to the CCPA and avoid merchant fees by mailing a check to:

Community Center for the Performing Arts / WOW Hall

291 W 8th Ave.

Eugene OR 97401


- You can always find the cheapest tickets at the WOW Hall.  No service charge for CCPA productions; $1 for rentals.  Additional $1 service charge on all phone orders.  The Box Office is currently closed; you can leave a message at 541-687-2746.  To buy tickets online, go to (Ticketweb service charges apply).

 - BRING THE KIDS: The WOW Hall is open for all ages, all the time.  For most CCPA productions, children 6 through 11 are half-price at the door and ages five and under are free (when accompanied by parent or adult guardian).  For information on specific shows, please call the WOW Hall office at 541-687-2746.

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